: In March 2022, I bought a RAMA M65-B in the Yolk color on Mechmarket. The seller bundled up a ton of …

: Late supper on the roof

: Random walk in Brooklyn.

: It’s not a birthday until you have the cake. Happy 17th birthday, Abbe!

: Jen and Melissa We finally made it out to Queens to see our friends and despite it being a late …

: Steve Earle Steve Earle, City Winery, 2019 January 24 Opening Act Willie Nile Steve joined in Willie …

: The Keyboard I’ve Been Waiting For Leopold FC660M with DSA Penumbra keycaps. This is the keyboard I've wanted to put together for the …

: Grace Hill in Prospect Park Grace Hill mansion, now known as Litchfield Villa. So this is Grace Hill. It was built as a …

: A Smaller Friendsgiving Melissa Johnson and Jen (sorry for the smoothing). We couldn’t make it to their Friendsgiving, …

: View From a Long Walk Home Manhattan facing south, 2018. A view of Manhattan Island taken from the Manhattan Bridge facing …

: Zane Turns 13 Zane and his 13th cake. It’s not a birthday until you have the cake.

: Jen Stays Married to Bob for 22 Years Jen who is as pretty and smart as ever. This might be the only way she’s dealt with me for 22 …

: The Plant Finds a Way That's a plant growing out of a chimney and I liked it. My original comment about this was …

: First and Last Day of School (7th and 10th Grade)

: Sour Jugs Zane played Scrabble with us even though he didn't really want to. In one move, the boy came up …

: Abbe Turns 16 Abbe and her 16th cake. It’s not a birthday until you have the cake.

: Spring in Brooklyn, 2018 The entrance at Third Street and PPW. The walk north along PPW. Spring break varies based on …

: Steve Basford, Retired Steve officially retired (and bought us all supper). Happy retirement to one of my favorite …

: Jen Turns 44 Jen, looking good. Jen takes a closer look at the cake. It's not a birthday until you have the …

: Prospect Park, January 2018 Looking east into the Ravine area of Prospect Park. Misty morning. #parkwalk #prospectpark

: Zane Turns 12 Members of the rebellion. Zane and friends played laser tag for his 12th birthday. #lasertag …

: A Bit of Paris in Prospect Park When we were in Paris we walked across a bridge that had thousands of locks locked across the …




: It’s not a birthday until you have the cake.

: Late, but it’s on the plate. Bourbon chicken with peas and purple sweet potatoes. #supper

: Prospect Park. #prospectpark #shotoniphone

: “Did she really make fresh bao?” #fireflyreference #dumplings #bao When chopsticks are the only …

: What a birthday present from @jenschulties Best seats I’ve ever had at a hockey game. #islanders

: First Day of School, 2017










: Halfway. #schultiesvacation2017

: “West side is better.” “No! East side is better.” The fight continues. The Continental Divide is the …

: This is pretty. The whole Mammoth area is pretty, but Boiling River area is great. And, no, the …

: Jen posts purty pictures of our vacation while I do this. #teamwork #schultiesvacation2017



















: Pretty, but smelly. And now you don’t necessarily know what I’m talking about! …

: Some trees are big, some are small. Anyway, Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown! #schultiesvacation2017

: We’re waiting to see if anyone got burned. Damned sun. #schultiesvacation2017

: The hike before the sun got to everyone. Reminds me of my buddy, Mr. Burns: “Ever since the …

: It erupted! (You had to put a quarter in the slot.) #oldfaithful #schultiesvacation2017

: It never did erupt. #schultiesvacation2017

: Yellow bus maker: White Motor Company Passenger capacity: 13 Last driver? Smokey …

: Encore!

: Pinwheel sittin'. #prospectpark #theconnectiveproject #rosegarden

: Yes, my work at home day consisted of a lunch walk to library. Because books are important! …

: RIP Mr. Peterson jenschulties posted this and it’s a good representation of Mr Peterson. If cats have souls, …

: RIP: My First Pet: Mr. Peterson Mr. Peterson Fun Fact #1: He was born when Bill Clinton was president. Mr. Peterson Fun Fact #2: …

: Welcome to Venice, indeed.

: From today’s protest rally to make sure more know about and to fight the DOE’s racist …

: We didn’t barbecue outside, but we did eat some! #memorialday

: Everyone deserves an after school nap. #catsofinstagram #aboyandhiscat

: Best mom around! #mothersday

: Tough day for the kid.

: First day! #urbanhellhole

: Fountain elves use fire! I love this fountain and I’d love to see NYC have more of ‘em.



: There are entirely too many cats in my life. This one causes the least problems.

: Hey @thattimfisher Colorado might have snow in the spring, but we have pink snow in the park. …

: Boy I’ll miss this park when we leave next year. #notreallymoving

: Boom! That’s a solid pop fly for his first of two singles and two RBIs. Kid batted 1.000 …

: The spice proved to be too much for Zane and even @jenschulties found herself challenged. Still, a …

: What a fun meal. Thanks to the brilliant @tbrangham for the suggestion! Tory for president! …

: Zane and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Who knew a bridge could be so crowded? #bridgewalkin

: Well, you made it to 20. Good on you, Mr. Peterson. Happy Birthday. #catsofinstagram

: Me get confirmed? That’s unpossible!

: She got 38 points for quiver. I did eulogy for 28. #scrabble

: The only way I’ll eat steak now. Thanks to @rachelbberman for the tip (years ago).

: Siblings brought closer (physically and singingily) by #hamilton

: No idea why I didn’t take the whole clan here before. #goodeats

: It’s too early to open, it’s too early to open, it’s too…

: He’s so awesome he could be on Stranger Things! #eleven #happybirthday

: Hey, good work and good chow, Urbun! Tell the next @ischoolpopup class the bar has been raised.

: Way to go, @communitybookstore

: I found a quarter! Carrots for scale. #carrotsfordays

: First Day of Middle and High School, 2016 #firstdayofschool

: Outdoor lunch with me lady! #lunch

: I did ask if she was going to have some and she just looked at me with her …

: Flight home cancelled until tomorrow. #schultiesvacation2016

: jenschulties… Shared none of it with me. #schultiesvacation2016

: Last meal in St. Malo and maybe the last time in France and now I’ve saddened myself so …

: shlactmfhs We’re on a bus! #schultiesvacation2016

: Colors among the rocks. #schultiesvacation2016

: Walking among the rocks. #schultiesvacation2016

: Let’s play spot the kid mad at dad all day among the rocks. #schultiesvacation2016

: Climbing among the rocks. #schultiesvacation2016

: “Honey, I bought a boulder on eBay.” “ANOTHER one?! … Well, put it on the …

: Last time I heard the rain in France… #schultiesvacation2016

: Later, hobbits came running down, chased by orcs. #schultiesvacation2016

: Except for the road in and out, the city really looks like a movie set. But, you know, in a good …

: What’s a medieval city without a medieval church? #gargoyles #schultiesvacation2016

: Buildings stick out over the first floor because when these were built, you were only taxed on …

: Took as long to walk there as it did to build it. But it was cool. #schultiesvacation2016

: Between €1.85 and €5 for wine?! I hugged two employees and proposed to one. #schultiesvacation2016

: I want to live in there. #schultiesvacation2016

: My queen, princess, and prince at our castle. Photo by Jester. #schultiesvacation2016

: I smiled nice because she said she’d get me a cookie. #schultiesvacation2016

: This place is like a medieval city! #schultiesvacation2016

: Breakfast without the kids! 🙌 #schultiesvacation2016

: This park is 164 years older than my country. #schultiesvacation2016

: I like the streets of Paris. #schultiesvacation2016

: Mom: “Really, French girls say it this way…” Zane: “What?!” Dad: ( ͡° …

: Versailles has lots of buildings. This one is called the La Petite Trianon. “Petite” ! …

: Antiquites. #schultiesvacation2016

: Not bad. #schultiesvacation2016

: First French meal without jet lag. Esgargot, shrimp, and raw salmon. I mean, not me. And sans Abbe. …

: Actually, the view was really good. 10/10 would look again. #schultiesvacation2016

: Sommet. #schultiesvacation2016

: A tower. #schultiesvacation2016

: A bit of Mona. #schultiesvacation2016

: We’re off! #schultiesvacation2016

: I’m a sucker for wine in novelty sizes. #wine

: She sunk my battleship!

: I didn’t know what to get @jenschulties for our 20th anniversary so I got these. But then I …

: Well, that’s 20 years down. I wonder what the next 20 will bring? #anniversary #happy …

: I didn’t know who the heck @thewoodbros were, but I sure as hell do now!

: #brooklynlyfe @thewoodbros @aoifemaria @hissgldnmssr

: We braved the rain for one more game.

: First day of 5th grade, last day of 5th grade. And the last day ever at PS321 (the reason we moved …

: Abbe and Jen marched with (and for) people we care about. #pride

: Graduated! Based on sign holding, however, he’s off to the salt mines.

: Date night after graduation. #themavericks

: Growin' up. #graduation

: Roasting marshmallows #pretendcamping


: We went to Philharmonic’s show all the way back in the 80s! #bitcam #philharmonic

: Lunch date!

: My 8-bit boy. #bitcam

: This batter knocked in a run off a double and helped contribute to his team’s 13-3 victory. …

: After high school orientation. She’s ready! Am I? #iamnot #highschool

: Not a bad walk to work for a city boy.

: Lloyd’s got your bourbon.

: It’s not a traditional family, but it’s mine.

: Eye on the ball. #littleleague

: Class 5-328 visits FDR’s home.

: My favorite people got married tonight! #billandtony

: Black Eye Pete. #caturday

: Whoa! While at a memorial service for our beloved journalism professor (Dr. Cole), up flashed a …

: ‘Twas a cold evening for baseball, but we played on. Okay, the kids played on and I jumped up …

: Eh, I liked the old logo better. #nextcomputer

: Is that a Flicker? An American Coot? No! By golly it’s a Northern Waterthrush! Thanks to …

: Happy birthday, @abbe51!

: I’m gonna make my move. #datenight

: Everyone is under dressed for this venue. #johnprine

: Oof, what a party.

: A boy and his park.

: Science project plus headphones plus phone collaboration. Plus Dad so tired he want go sleep now.

: abbe51 made @jenschulties a wonder wheel of birthday cupcakes. I ate most of them.

: Happy birthday to my favorite lady who is [age redacted] today. #happybirthday

: steveearle_ set list: Devil’s Right Hand Guitar Town I Ain’t Ever Satisfied Copperhead …

: Kevn Kinny showing us real song writing. #steveearle

: Have a good trip, @abbe51

: Snow day project. I only framed the pics. @jimjeroo did the real work.

: When the Park Slope Food Coop finally went for meat, it really went all in. Again.

: Toolbox complete!

: When the Park Slope Food Coop finally went for meat, they really went all in.

: Starting the year off right with culture and friends. Definitely having more of each this year. …

: He’s 10! And once you have cake, it’s official. And, no, I don’t know what that …

: 10! Today! 10 today!

: Small technical glitches aside, we’re up and running. #pitop

: It boots! #pitop

: Just a few more steps! #pitop

: Pieces be small. #pitop

: At 10 years old, you build you own notebook computer. #pitop

: Nobody goes there anymore… #librariesforever

: Prospect Park’s own Helm’s Deep.

: You got eggs? I like eggs. #catsofinstagram

: It didn’t feel like 10 years had passed.

: Abbe and Elsa.

: Good luck to Captain Drew as he casts off today for parts unknown (aka New Jersey).

: Zane and Soren talk about transcendental meditation. Ha, no. It was Minecraft.

: Elsa meets Zane, Zane meets Elsa.

: 10 years since last hug. Way too long.

: Linda and Jen, reunited.

: Let the nerding begin. #makerfaire

: My first hockey game at @barclayscenter Very conflicted who to root for: My Devs or my new home team …

: Turtles all the way down. #sturgillsimpsonbeacon

: My little one all grow’d up! @jenschulties snapped the pic.

: When mom’s away, the Ring Dings come out to play.

: Last first days at their schools.

: My eighth grader let me walk her to school!

: Not bad for no freakin job.

: Labor Day. The NY way. #feast

: Should be Canon in P. #catsofinstagram

: jenschulties with @abbe51 … So far out even digital zoom can’t capture them. …

: Last day. Jet ski. #schultiesvacation2015

: Where are they going? #schultiesvacation2015

: #schultiesvacation2015

: #bestphotobomb #schultiesvacation2015

: Iguanas #schultiesvacation2015

: Abbe in the catbird seat. #schultiesvacation2015

: La Mina Falls #schultiesvacation2015

: Drink with a view. #schultiesvacation2015

: Slide, slide, and more slide. #schultiesvacation2015

: After paella… #schultiesvacation2015

: Not bad, Puerto Rico. Not bad. #schultiesvacation2015

: Good man. #schultiesvacation2015

: Train and bus to get here, but she’s happy. And they were good. #schultiesvacation2015

: Breakfast. #schultiesvacation2015

: My flight was mixed. #schultiesvacation2015

: Butterfly exhibit finds Zane. #schultiesvacation2015

: My first Vesper. A+ #schultiesvacation2015

: Fig, prosciutto, and marscapone. Holy crap. I’m stealing this idea! #schultiesvacation2015

: “We walked a lot, so let’s rest for a minute … And he’s asleep.” …

: Jen and Thomas. #schultiesvacation2015

: On the way to Jefferson Memorial. #schultiesvacation2015

: A boy and his command module. #schultiesvacation2015

: The restaurant holds 1,000 people. These are two of my favorite. #schultiesvacation2015

: #schultiesvacation2015

: Live jazz? It’s true. #schultiesvacation2015

: #schultiesvacation2015

: Capitol under renovation. #schultiesvacation2015

: Kids' first ride on the DC Metro. “It’s so clean and quiet.” …

: #schultiesvacation2015

: Family selfie #schultiesvacation2015

: #notsosecret #schultiesvacation2015

: We’re off! #schultiesvacation2015

: Well, I mortgaged all my properties and still went bankrupt. At least I can still run for president. …

: BBQ at Grandma’s.


: Jen’s commanding lead (second and fourth columns)!

: Anniversary Shuffleboard. #imwinning

: Anniversary meal: truffle fries, German pretzel, sriracha deviled eggs, swaddled swine. #yum

: The boy’s been reading a long time and I’m so proud of him and maybe I’ll go tell him and he’s …

: Best place ever. #bklynlibrary

: Every year, on the last day of school, we go celebrate the school year with a picnic at the …

: We DO have stars in NYC. And a moon!

: King!

: Number 15!

: Where?!

: Where is the game?!

: What?!

: Getting ready for last game of season.

: These two won awards? And look at the proud mamas! Congrats @abbe51 and @louisewandesforde for takin …

: Finally won a game! #victoryicecream

: Space Invaders at MoMA.

: As you do.

: Best part of learning make your own spaghetti sauce is dipping the bread to try it. And the bottle …

: He plays and sings, too?! Screw this guy. #joseturns40

: There’s Mariachi Bluegrass going on! #joseturns40

: Happy birthday, @jmsimian

: Zane as catcher. And that was a strike. #littleleague

: Golden Eagles, Brooklyn 2015. #littleleague

: First batter of first game gets a hit! Go, Zane! Go Golden Eagles! #littleleague

: George came to visit! #babytime

: Work friends saying goodbye to a work friend. #byebuddy

: I spent Saturday with an old friend. Forgot how much I miss that old friend. #melancholy

: Sure it’s pretty. But covered in leaves is pretty, too. #comeonspring

: All the computers I used to own were demolished. #sad #ps321technight

: loveyourselfnyc #5khearts

: loveyourselfnyc #5khearts

: Deep in dream thought.

: Chess masters.

: Tis the season.

: First Dram visit for @bwandesforde

: Happy New Year!


: Here we go!

: First NBA game.

: Train girl.

: Quiet night.

: Christmas won’t stop coming!

: The neatest the place will be for weeks.

: Uncle Dave turns 35!

: Billy Joe Shaver. 75 years old and was still singin' when we left.

: Now that’s a good bar.





: Let’s start!

: Sat night friends. #latergram

: Dudes.

: Makin ice

: It’s not birthday without cake!

: My little boy is 9 today! Happy birthday, Zane! #gettingnotlittle

: He literally looks up to me. For now. Happy birthday (tomorrow), buddy!

: Best man Bill! #firstcollegefriend

: He’s coming.

: Bluegrass!

: Chair.

: Waiting for rocket launch from Maryland. #rocket

: Abbe visits @shlactmfhs for his birthday. #shebroughtwine

: Zane visits @shlactmfhs for his birthday.

: I will not be replaced by an iPad! -Mr Peterson. #catsofinstagram

: Birthday cupcake from my pals at work. #nom

: I like having conversations with these people.

: Me and @gessielesser making sauce. But not together. #sadness

: Look who Jen met!

: Good luck, you two! #firstdayofschool

: Zane for scale.

: Friends from beer 1.

: Friends since they were… More than 3.

: Friends since they were 3!

: Breakfast. 78 photos and this was the best one. #schultiesireland2014

: Jen goes for the full Irish! #schultiesireland2014

: My princess. #schultiesireland2014

: Probably thinking about Minecraft. #schultiesireland2014

: It’s a slightly-rainy-but-we’re-still-walkin kinda day.

: …and now with Jed. #schultiesireland2014

: Thanks for our Dublin dinner date, Meyer clan! Photo cred to Jed. #schultiesireland2014

: #schultiesireland2014

: #schultiesireland2014

: Jen jail. #schultiesireland2014

: Smaller than a Smart Car! #schultiesireland2014

: All of Dublin has these great alleys. #schultiesireland2014

: Sorry, no room for guests. #schultiesireland2014

: I want to! #schultiesireland2014

: Whiskey in a barrel. #schultiesireland2014

: #schultiesireland2014

: #schultiesireland2014

: lovemut #schultiesireland2014

: Probably thinking about Minecraft. #schultiesireland2014

: Standing in what used to be a harbor. #schultiesireland2014

: Over three hours to walk here, but we made it. #schultiesireland2014 #beerwillbereward

: #schultiesireland2014

: View!

: I know that guy! #schultiesireland2014

: There’s a book about us? #schultiesireland2014 #inismor

: Steep! #schultiesireland2014

: Aran Island. #schultiesireland2014

: #schultiesireland2014

: The streets are as charming as you hope they’ll be. #schultiesireland2014

: Galway. #schultiesireland2014

: So much for “Let’s stay up the first day to get on Ireland time.” …

: Ready to babysit.

: Parkin' #prospectpark

: They nice to eat other when they are full of food. #foodfriendly

: Zane meets the captain of the Brooklyn Sithclones.

: We run in the dark.

: Undead or not, we’re family.

: Great seats. Let’s go Cyclones! #baseball

: It’s all fun and jumping until there’s an industrial accident. #brooklynbridgepark …

: Brooklyn Bridge Park. #toolongtofit

: 18th anniversary is ice cream, right? #18

: Nice roof deck @amplehills

: #dinosaurBBQ

: #18

: The peacefulness ended 10 seconds after this, but it was a nice 10 seconds.

: Honeymoon circa 1996. Thanks for photo @jenschulties #18

: Happy Anniversary @jenschulties #18

: When mom is away, it’s ice cream for… Play? This didn’t work out. …

: #hijacked by @jenschulties #perfect #quinnbcue

: #zman #quinnbcue

: abbe51 #quinnbcue

: Bocce. #quinnbcue

: Rubber duckies are out. We’ll get ‘em next year. #quinnbcue

: Let the games begin! #quinnbcue

: Last day of school… 2011! #tbt


: Best people. #latergram

: Summer means… #tinyv

: We done it! #bklynlibrary

: Last day of school.

: Let’s go Cyclones!

: #worthathousandwords

: Child is happier than he appears. #celebratebrooklyn

: Family.

: I remember the days of fudgsicles. #oldyum

: Lily pads. #prospectpark


: Piano lesson. #notreallyjustnerds

: Sorry, ump. That’s NOT a strike. #badcall

: Lunch with wifey! #yay #lunchdate

: Happy birthday, Josh! #secondstep #bellhouse

: Coming back! #datenight

: Date night with me favorite lady!

: Robots are watching. #worldsciencefestival

: Learning about the properties of solid and liquids and the bio mechanics of big words that I’m …

: That name is going to space! #worldsciencefestival

: After supper walk.

: #bklyn

: That’s his Godzilla face (at my request).

: A visit to the burbs. #comebacktocity

: Jen and Ellen. #oldfriends

: New friends make funny faces.

: New friend.

: Lunch with Lady Liberty.

: Yay!

: Surprise meal with Uncle Dave!

: Surprise meal out with Uncle Dave.

: Done and done. #yum

: Another baker maybe? He probably just wants to eat it once it’s done. #bananabread

: “Secret path” in park. #prospectpark

: What in the world?

: Pizza time! #everydayispizzaday

: That’s a hit. #littleleague

: Date night! #321springgala

: What a park. #prospectpark

: A walk through the Endale Arch. #prospectpark #mothersday

: Windy walk.

: Done. #swoon

: Swoon hands on.

: At #swoon hands in area at Brooklyn Museum. #art

: A Butterfly for Brooklyn.

: Boy fell asleep on my lap after baseball game. My view.

: Happy Birthday @abbe419

: That’s a hit. #littleleague #baseball

: Pancakes.

: Cales… Calis.. Stretching. #baseball

: Stairs in Ravine. #prospectpark

: Walk in the park. #prospectpark

: I made it! #melady #date

: Off to see the… Piano teacher.

: Sammich.


: More birthday celebratin with @jenschulties

: We’re out to eat for @jenschulties birthday! #happybirthday

: “It doesn’t count as a taste anymore. It counts as eating my dinner."- @abbe419 In …

: Godzilla sunset. #godzilla

: I made 8 cookies! Well, that’s what I’ll tell @jenschulties. #latebaking

: Well, if I’m stuck on bridge, at least it’s pretty. #nyc #brooklynbridge

: Week two of the month-long celebration! Happy birthday, @jenschulties

: Ethiopian food. #openmydoorandtheworldwalksin

: Her present. #nosmiles

: I like this tree. Shut up.

: Full bellies = smiles.

: Happy Birthday @jenschulties

: Real life snow angel.

: Foamy.

: View. #sickathome

: Morning bubble bath.

: #datenight

: #datenight

: Zane giving red envelope to dragon for good luck.

: Fortune: You will find happiness with a new love.

: Looks unhappy, but not. Lo mein, fried rice and spring roll.

: Let’s start with chicken soup.

: School bus ride to Chinese lunch with boy’s class. #eatingiseducational

: Winning this one! #gamenight

: I will destroy them. #gamenight


: Mr. P and Uncle Bill. #catsofinstagram

: Snowed in.

: Blood on legs?! Nope, spaghetti sauce. #catsofinstagram

: Fireworks! #2014

: Happy New Year, my girls.

: Champagne! Happy New Year, Budman!

: Family

: Blackbottoms! #fat #yum

: Done! #winetime

: Boy with cat.


: Boy with tree.

: Cooking quesadillas for my fav coworkers. #aboutdotcom



: No rule of thirds here.

: Zanesulate.


: Thor ain’t got nothin on this dude.

: Why not #Mozart ?

: A boy and his stapler. #thanksgivingdayprojects

: abbe419 is making some pies! #yumma

: Kold Kids. #bldgfamilysupper

: Sums up my gaming. Boy is Doom66. #howsthisdurnedthingwork #dagnabbit

: Sunday is baking day. #bananabread #yumma

: Steady party! #newfriends

: Mrs Bob hid the whiskey.

: This has to be used for a sitcom… #scouting

: You having chicken? I like chicken.

: Best party helper ever!

: Objective: Make duct tape bag. Achievement unlocked! (It took all three of them, however).

: Objective: Make a duct tape bag. Achievement unlocked!

: Her little boy is 8. And he wanted sushi. #Happybirthday

: Neighbors make a building a home.

: New parts of park!

: Chilly morning. #cityfountains

: Where is everyone? #zombieapocalypse #notlate #firstsnow

: Tis the season for pumpkin bread. #yumma

: Vale of Cashmere.

: “It has freckles on it.”

: Best leaf for Mom.

: Goodbye Two Boots. We got a lot of dough from you. Spent a lot of dough, too. #parkslope

: Bluegrass(ish)! With my fav peoples: @bwandesforde @awandesforde and double fav @jenschulties

: It’s Duct Tape Man!

: Now THAT’S a cake. Thanks @zombean !

: Set filer to nerd.

: Great friends. #pizzanight

: Who doesn’t love them some rainbow?

: I need music sheets before the song goes out of my head! #composin

: #gamin

: Birthday kids! #mybirthday

: Uncle Dave and Zane. Playing the same game.

: Wine at 430p? Don’t mind if I do.

: Bagel before coop…

: Nerdy Derby. #makerfaire

: Singing Country Road. #greatbldg

: Homework done with no yelling. Supper done with no yelling. Dishes done (nearly) by 815. We deserve …

: Holy crap! My chicken looks like the Millennium Falcon!

: I’ll never tire of watching this fountain.

: My middle schooler!

: Ridin

: Old carousel.

: View from Governor’s Island.

: He’s my dumplin boy.

: Took two weeks, but I got them together.

: Me ladies.

: Aww… I’m romantical.

: Rainbow cloud. #nofilter

: abbe419 seconds that best watchin’ spot thought.

: Best watchin’ spot.

: Zane finds Crush. #dude

: Where the ponds meet the ocean.

: She made this herself! #hawaiianart

: Going into a crater.

: Secret world behind restaurant.

: Our backyard. I actually asked someone “What happened here?” #volcano #imadummy

: Sunsetty!

: She did come with us! #firstappearance

: This place…

: What a beach!

: Hawaiian foot maintenance.

: Walking on old lava.

: Morning walk.

: I’m gonna win with Truthy.

: Nitro! #datenight #thedramshop #hurtsmorethanitusedto

: First intermission. What music!

: Night on the town! #highlife

: We’re celebratin Brooklyn!

: We’re catching up to @bwandesforde

: Whoopie pie!

: Manhattan girl. #visitingunclebillandtony

: Late night walk. #pastbedtime

: Lets go Cyclones! #cyclones

: And now with big buildings…

: A little time in the grass…

: Last day of school and last day of 321 for @abbe419. #proud

: Cleaning boy!

: Fireworks be loud!

: Go Cyclones!

: My fifth grader’s last day as a regular student. #proud

: Successful recital!

: Pizza party after great baseball season.

: Trophy (and ears).

: Brother and sister.

: Under new management? #weirdangle

: Alex the doctor.

: MOAR pumpkin bread (in the works).

: The bagel walk.

: Making pumpkin bread for teachers (for staff appreciation day).

: A rainbow to start the day.

: Bighead cat.

: Kids at grown up party.

: Window cat.

: Abbe and Sydney wait for burgers!

: Off to our class trip!

: Had a great day in Central Park and Manhattan, but I still like Brooklyn best.

: Milkshake is reward for really, really long walk in Central Park.

: Zane comes back “I found a fossil.”

: Entering Central Park.

: Why do I consider the suburbs cookie cutter but not these?

: Burgers!

: This family plays board games? #boardgamenight

: Behold, life-size X-wing fighter. Life-size Bean, too. #beaninfrontofthingsintimessquare

: Another day in the urban hellhole.

: Meet me at these coordinates, matey!

: “I’ma eat whatever you don’t want,” says Mr. Peterson.

: Another day in the urban hellhole.

: All teh lunches!

: Bluth’s attracts blondes.

: Look for the sneaker on ball on the wall.

: Minecraft class.