• Rama M65-B in Milk with Spark keycaps

    In March 2022, I bought a RAMA M65-B in the Yolk color on Mechmarket. The seller bundled up a ton of extra parts with it, too. In fact, it was enough to build a second M65-B if I could find a top case. I found one about six months later and was able to build this one: RAMA M65-B in Milk with Spark keycaps. They are great keyboards. I keep this one at my desk at work.

    Notes: I’ve purchased three items from folks on Mechmarket, and all three have been 100% standup people. It’s one of the small things that gives me faith in humanity. Also, I often refer to this keyboard as my free keyboard since I had most of the parts, but like everything in this hobby, it was not remotely free. I think I consider it free because I had most of the parts, but overall, it still cost me around $200. “Free.” Sheesh.

  • Late supper on the roof

  • Random walk in Brooklyn.

  • It’s not a birthday until you have the cake. Happy 17th birthday, Abbe!

  • Jen and Melissa
    We finally made it out to Queens to see our friends and despite it being a late night, it was what we needed. Well, what I needed anyway.

  • Steve Earle

    Steve Earle on stage at City Winery, 2019
    Steve Earle, City Winery, 2019 January 24

    Opening Act
    Willie Nile
    Steve joined in Willie Nile’s encore to sing I Ain’t Ever Satisfied

    Main Set List
    Ain’t Nobody’s Daddy Now
    My Old Friend the Blues
    Guitar Town
    Devil’s Right Hand
    Now She’s Gone
    Sparkle and Shine
    Every Part of Me
    You’re the Best Lover That I Ever Had
    South Nashville Blues
    Angel is the Devil
    John Henry is a Steel Drivin Man
    Desperados Waiting for a Train
    Goodbye Michaelangelo
    City of Immigrants
    Galway Girl
    Copperhead Road

    The Girl on the Mountain

  • The Keyboard I’ve Been Waiting For

    Leopold FC660M with DSA Penumbra keycaps
    Leopold FC660M with DSA Penumbra keycaps.

    This is the keyboard I've wanted to put together for the longest time. Thanks to my quite generous brother-in-law, I finally got the keycaps I've wanted. I decided to use just the numbers from the number pad on the number row (rather than the keycaps with the extra glifs like @ and *) and now it has a super old-fashioned look. I get irrationally happy using this keyboard with my 11" iPad Pro. Thanks Dave!

  • Grace Hill in Prospect Park

    Grace Hill or Litchfield Villa
    Grace Hill mansion, now known as Litchfield Villa.

    So this is Grace Hill. It was built as a private home and is now part of Prospect Park. I love looking at it all year long, but come winter... I stare at it. #prospectpark

  • A Smaller Friendsgiving

    Picture of Melissa and Jen
    Melissa Johnson and Jen (sorry for the smoothing).

    We couldn’t make it to their Friendsgiving, but we needed to celebrate anyway. Although, now that I think about, we made them travel to Brooklyn rather than us traveling to them. Anyway, here’s to Melissa and Jason for being our friends for over 20 years. ❤️

  • View From a Long Walk Home

    Manhattan from the Manhattan Bridge
    Manhattan facing south, 2018.

    A view of Manhattan Island taken from the Manhattan Bridge facing southwest.

  • Zane Turns 13

    Zane turning 13
    Zane and his 13th cake.

    It’s not a birthday until you have the cake.

  • Jen Stays Married to Bob for 22 Years

    Jen drinking wine
    Jen who is as pretty and smart as ever.

    This might be the only way she’s dealt with me for 22 years. But I’ll take it. And another 22 years! ❤️ #anniversary

  • The Plant Finds a Way

    Manhattan building with a plant growing out of a chimney
    That's a plant growing out of a chimney and I liked it.

    My original comment about this was "Plant! #directive", but it didn't come out the way I wanted. Maybe the angle isn't wide enough? Maybe I needed to be higher? Anyway, I like to think plants will take over when we are all gone.

  • First and Last Day of School (7th and 10th Grade)

  • Sour Jugs

    A boy and his Scrabble board
    Zane played Scrabble with us even though he didn't really want to.

    In one move, the boy came up with sour jugs. Very proud. #scrabble

  • Abbe Turns 16

    Abbe and her cake
    Abbe and her 16th cake.

    It’s not a birthday until you have the cake.

  • Spring in Brooklyn, 2018

    Snow in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
    The entrance at Third Street and PPW.

    Snow in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
    The walk north along PPW.

    Spring break varies based on where you are.

  • Steve Basford, Retired

    A British guy in America
    Steve officially retired (and bought us all supper).

    Happy retirement to one of my favorite people in the world. #retirement

  • Jen Turns 44

    Jen and her cake
    Jen, looking good.

    Jen dives into her cake
    Jen takes a closer look at the cake.

    It's not a birthday until you have the cake.

  • Prospect Park, January 2018

    Looking east into the Ravine area of Prospect Park.

    Misty morning. #parkwalk #prospectpark
  • Zane Turns 12

    Boys posing during laser tag
    Members of the rebellion.

    Zane and friends played laser tag for his 12th birthday. #lasertag #birthday
  • A Bit of Paris in Prospect Park

    A heart lock attached to a fence.
    When we were in Paris we walked across a bridge that had thousands of locks locked across the bridge.

    Paris in the park. #prospectpark

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