Rama M65-B in Milk with Spark keycaps

In March 2022, I bought a RAMA M65-B in the Yolk color on Mechmarket. The seller bundled up a ton of extra parts with it, too. In fact, it was enough to build a second M65-B if I could find a top case. I found one about six months later and was able to build this one: RAMA M65-B in Milk with Spark keycaps. They are great keyboards. I keep this one at my desk at work.

Notes: I’ve purchased three items from folks on Mechmarket, and all three have been 100% standup people. It’s one of the small things that gives me faith in humanity. Also, I often refer to this keyboard as my free keyboard since I had most of the parts, but like everything in this hobby, it was not remotely free. I think I consider it free because I had most of the parts, but overall, it still cost me around $200. “Free.” Sheesh.